Baby Goat Diaper Cake: or no foolin’, a “kid’s” cake


Since I have two boys, I very rarely have an occasion to make anything girly.  Although last night, in one of those insane craft moments, I decided to whip up a wallet for Big Brother because he needed someplace to put his money for the Book Fair I just found out about, and we always want to support our kids when they are excited.  Maybe sometimes I take it to the extreme.  Anyway, I was going to make a wallet out of some leftover Spiderman material and some interfacing, only to find I had no Velcro.  I was really trying to avoid making him anything purse-like, but I kept getting steered in that direction and it just seemed too girly.  I finally had to either somehow locate the spare play wallet of his that could be anywhere since it had not been seen since 2013, or I could make him as masculine a money bag (a European carryall like on Seinfeld?) as possible.  I made it with blue material and black cord drawstrings, but I still worried that it looked girly and he would get teased.  I told Dave, “I hope he doesn’t get ridiculed for his reticule.”

But I digress.  Heavily.

I never get to make anything girly on purpose, so when my co-worker Molly was expecting a girl, this was my chance.  My colleague found out that Molly likes baby goats, so I set out to make a diaper cake (never attempted before) with a baby goat motif.  After a little research, I layered diapers in a circle in cake pans around a cardboard tube, and secured each layer with fishing wire.  This was based on a post I found online.  There is a slight, very slight possibility I may have been too cheap (cue the gasp) to invest in ribbon, so I ironed some colorful fabric with the rough edges folded in to make a ribbon, and hot glued a band around each layer.


Now comes one of those small moments I am disproportionately proud of.  I had a ton of scrapbook paper leftover from a Sharpie bouquet I made for Dave at Valentine’s (he loves the smell of Sharpies and after almost 10 Valentine’s days together you start to run out of ideas). 


Using this premise, I decided to make paper flowers to decorate the cake.  Instead of kind of fluffing the blossoms as I did for the bouquet, I accordion-folded the flower so it looked like it was just opening.  Now the part I am proudest of was the idea to strip one end of a cotton swab, and dip the other end in brown paint to make a very realistic looking stamen in the flower which would also provide a stick to insert the flower on the cake instead of gluing it.  I pretty much neglected pointing anything else out to everyone, I was just babbling, “Look at those Q-tips!”  Everyone just looked at me benignly, already aware of my inability to look beyond the details some times.  “Whatever, Mel.”  I had so many diapers left over I made a second one layer cake to put next to the guestbook at the shower.


For the final touch, I printed out two kid pictures, one with a goat saying “Maa!  Maa!” (pun intended) and the other saying “Cute Kid”.  I glued them to a bamboo skewer and stuck them in the tops of the cakes (thank you Cake Boss for the inspiration!).

For good measure, here are the quilts I made for Molly out of some scrap squares I had leftover from a quilting lesson I did in Big Brother’s kindergarten class when I was on furlough.  Yeah, I was that desperate for something to do.


Like I said, I never get to make anything girly.  Maybe some of my friends will have some more babies, because you know I’m not having anymore.  I ain’t no fool (well in that way).


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathyann
    Aug 30, 2014 @ 08:51:52


    Having watched you during this “diaper cake” project I can truly say that if I did not see it I would not believe it. You are a talented visionary.

    What’s next…I can’t wait.




  2. Melody
    Sep 04, 2014 @ 12:56:23

    Not sure what’s next Kathyann. Either the Pirate Party or the “Oh crap I forgot to buy a card” Greeting Card 🙂



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