DIY Greeting Card; or, fools rush in (the store and forget to buy a card)

crab card

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to 2 birthday parties on the same day that were 60 miles apart.  The bonus was they were kid’s parties.  The additional bonus was both my boys were going, and it was going to be two kids on one parent.  The super dilly deluxe was one party was at the beach and I could expect to slog not only my children through the sand but all that crap you have to bring to the beach too (towels, blankets, sand toys).  Little Bro is a runner and fully occupies the need for one hand.   Hopefully you realize by now my use of the words “lucky” and “bonus” is sarcasm at its highest.  The only true bonus was that the sand was not hot like it was a month later when we were at the beach and I told myself the sand was just “pleasantly warm,” realized it was burning the crap out of my feet, and frantically relived my track and field days sprinting across the hot-ass sand holding a toddler and a diaper bag like Forrest Gump ferrying his buddies out of the Vietnam jungle. “I gotta find wet sand, Lieutentant Dain!”  Somehow in the flurry of wrapping presents and packing the bags, I realized I had no cards for either gift.  This was like 11:00 at night.  What to do?

Like a none-too-gentle cuff on the back of my head I heard my mother’s voice say, “Pull out that big ol’ box of scrap paper and make somethin’, girl!”  Okay, mama. 

I didn’t want it to look like “I forgot to buy a card” DIY but “I took time to create this just because” DIY.  Which we all know isn’t true but momma said a little white lie never hurt nobody (there’s that Forrest Gump again with his Flexo-lite Ping Pong paddle.  OK so I’ve watched the movie a few times).  I had some comic book pages leftover from Big Brother’s Batman party (as always, more on that later), as well as some blank cards and envelopes.  I sifted through the pictures I had but none of them really worked.  I was starting to get worried (but also slightly happy because now I could say screw it and just go to bed) when I remembered I still had the Scholastic magazine and maybe there were some pictures I could use there.  I saw a picture of a crab, which would work for the beach party, and the movie Planes 2 which was trendy enough.  While I was at it I cut out some other pictures to save in my scrap box just in case.  I cut them out and then found some coordinating scrapbook paper for a matte, and glued them to the card.  The Planes background is popcorn, in case you can’t tell:

crab card planes card

I printed some corny little sayings on the computer: “Happy Birthday, the sky’s the limit” on the Planes card and . . . well now Tex I don’t remember where he come from I mean I don’t remember what I wrote in the crab one.  Why Forrest Gump keeps popping up I couldn’t tell ya.  Maybe because my Dad will read this post and be the only person who recognizes it.  Oh in the crab one I wrote “Hope your birthday is a splash!”  I used Word Art in MS Word to make the outline wavy for the beach card saying and puffy like a cloud for the Planes card.  What can I say, a rectangle just won’t do sometimes — I like to kick it up a notch.   Anyway, I pasted the sayings inside the cards and saved myself a late night or early morning trip to Walgreens. 

 crab inside  planes inside

I would like to have printed the inside in color but our printer guzzles color ink like Forrest Gump drinks Dr. Pepper (last time, I swear) so it was bone dry.  I was really happy how these came out in a late-night pinch.  I shoved the cards in Dave’s face and said, “you’re married to a genius, now kiss me you fool!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathyann
    Sep 06, 2014 @ 10:13:32

    Hey Melody,

    I like your “can do” style. Check out these DIY tools to keep in your work bench… and




  2. Melody
    Sep 09, 2014 @ 22:00:18

    Thanks for the tip, Sunshine. You are my best good friend 🙂



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