Bridal Shower Memory Box; or fools in love


I have known Jennifer since I was 8 years old when we sat next to each other in Mrs. Roeding’s combination 3rd 4th grade class.  Yep, she’s in the rarefied “BFF” category for sure.  Fast forward holy crap literally THIRTY frickin’ years later, and Jennifer is finally marrying Matt, the nuptial all of the East Bay has been waiting on with bated breath.  So being she’s my friend of such long standing, I really needed to get her something special for her bridal shower.  But I was just stumped on what to get her, figuring the usual lingerie or cookbook just didn’t feel meaningful enough and plus this wasn’t her first matrimonial rodeo either.  I finally got the idea to make her a wedding memory box.  I had a laminated box I saved because it was pretty, but I couldn’t just hand the girl a plain box — “Here’s your big empty box — good luck with married life!” I decided to use Power Point to make an entwined monogram of her initials and her future husband’s and add some clip art to represent his heritage and her interests.  Since Matt is proud of his Dutch heritage I went with tulips and clogs, and Jen is very into antiques so I included a cameo for her.  Once I printed it out I used some clear contact paper I had on hand to laminate it, and then cut around it with pinking shears to make the edges pretty.   A little glue stick to the back, pressed it on top of the box and voila — personalized memory box.


I included a very heartfelt note that made Jen and everyone else at the shower tear up — even me and I wrote the damn thing dry-eyed.  I guess booze will do that to a bunch of ladies (Ok ok I didn’t drink anything so I have no excuse, I know Jen is going to call me on that.  I love my friend, so what?).  Anyway, I told her this was a box to keep all her mementos of what I hoped would be many happy years together with Matt.  I said it a lot more elegantly than that, of course.  Then, being an equally elegant lady in person, I pumped my fist when Jen burst into tears and I crowed “Yes!  I have made her cry!”  Jennifer already knows I am weird, otherwise she wouldn’t have been my friend this long.


Look how freakin’ artistic my friend is when I ask her to take some photos of her box!!  She’s so awesome!  When all the guests asked how I made it and I explained this process, Jen’s (future) sister in law muttered under her breath “Damn she’s crafty!”   It made me want to dance like a fool.


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  1. Kathyann
    Sep 12, 2014 @ 08:05:50

    Melody, this was so sweet and thoughtful. Clearly one of your best efforts. I loved the fact that the box was a saved place that the couple, family, and friends could go to for precious memories and keepsakes. Kathyann



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