Simple Farm-Themed Nursery Ideas; or, no more babies for this fool


Fear not, dear readers who actually know me in real life.  This is not my subtle way of saying I am decorating a baby’s room because we are having another.  Unlike Butterfly McQueen, I do know somethin’ about birthin’ babies and we’re stopping at two.  There is no more room in this womb.  Now I’ll admit, occasionally, I see someone else’s baby and think “Oh, how cute.”  Or I look at Lil’ Bro and realize within about 6 months he really will no longer be a toddler, which makes me a little wistful that there will be no little person to cuddle in my lap.  Also we’re reaching that time of year where the crafting starts to ramp up, and the time I would normally spend blogging might now need to be spent crafting so I have something to blog about.  With this logistical and productivity conundrum in mind, plus the emotional baggage that my little baby is leaving babyhood behind, I almost curled up in the fetal position with a bar of chocolate.  Discarding that idea as unhealthy, I scrolled through some old pictures for inspiration and found some shots of the decorations for his nursery.

Being frugalicious, I didn’t want to go too overboard with his room, plus we already had some pieces left over from Big Bro’s room.  However, I wanted to make it easy and somehow cohesive with Big Bro’s room, but also an independent design.  Big Bro’s room was zoo/circus animals.  So with Lil Bro I decided to go with domestic animals.  The room was already yellow so I stuck with that color.  I concentrated on 3 things: wall art, the changing table, and a quilt.

Wall Art

DSC00116  DSC00116 - Version 2

Lil Bro’s name only has 5 letters so we used large wooden letters to cover more space on the wall.  I painted the letters yellow, red, orange, and green, and had a pregnancy moment (i.e. unreasonable tears) to convince Pookie to show me who to drill holes in them so I could nail them to the wall.  I centered them above the crib and whacked away.  Done.

DSC00117  DSC00117

As far as the pictures, I had picked up some John Deere flannel fabric with the idea of making a quilt with it.  I think its a little hard to see in these pictures.  I also had some inexpensive wooden frames.  Somehow I got away from the quilt idea and decided to cut out the pictures from the fabric and mount them in the wooden frames.  I painted the frames a darker yellow, cut the fabric to the appropriate size, and framed them.  Pookie drilled more holes and we had instant farm animal wall art.

Changing Table

DSC00120  DSC00123

For the changing table, I had to cover the previous design we used for Big Bro’s room.  I needed Pookie to sand it for me and paint it white, which he did I think because he did not want to see any more unreasonable tears — that kind of freaked him out (well me too.  When you fall into an angry rage with yourself because you burnt the microwave popcorn standing right there watching it — I mean how hard is it, it’s popcorn? — people will do anything not to see that crazy unstable gleam in your eye).  I then cut out silhouettes (I’ve Googled that word so may times I actually know how to spell it now) of farm animals and traced them on to the face of the drawers.  I then went to work with red, yellow, orange and green acrylic paint.  Today this has the added bonus of telling the boys to put their underwear in the “rooster-tractor” drawer, since “bottom drawer” doesn’t seem to make sense.


DSC01837  DSC01836

I don’t get too fancy with quilts.  The fanciest thing I ever did was an apple appliqué quilt, which I made while I was single.  Then again maybe that’s why I was single.  Quilting isn’t exactly sexy in the singles world.  “Damn baby, I love the way you chain stitch!”  I don’t know if I would have that kind of time or patience nowadays, which is probably why I stick to lots of quilts with right angles.  Most of my quilts are either strips or blocks.  In this case it was kind of like a medallion quilt with lots of sashing.  I started with approximately a fat quarter of material for the center, and squared it to measure 18×18.  I appliquéd the letter L to the center (right angles!!  We didn’t name him Logan because of Hugh Jackman, despite what Pookie thinks — an L is just a bunch of right angles that is easy to sew!).  After that I just started adding wide strips of coordinating material to make the quilt bigger.  The trick is to add sashing to the top and bottom of the quilt first.  Then measure the quilt from top to bottom and cut two more sashes to cover that length.  Repeat until you have a quilt of the desired size, and then cut a final sash that will act as the border.  Actually the real trick is when you are a novice or basic quilter to buy a ‘Kids Learn to Quilt’ book like I did that teaches you the basics in kid’s language.  However, you don’t need to follow the instructions that say things like, “Get an adult to help you with the iron.”

Once the final sashing border was done I cut the batting and backing to size and pinned all three layers together.  Now here’s where I differ from a lot of quilters, I am sure.  I  don’t really like the actual quilting part, I usually like to stitch in the ditch (sew all three layers together by following the seams of the designs).  For me it’s easier and I’m not really confident or patient enough to stitch feathers or scrolls or curlicues across the quilt.  After I quilted all three layers together, I folded the sashing border over the back of the quilt to finish the edge.  This type of quilt takes me about 2-3 days.  It’s quick and if you’ve picked your colors and patterns right can be quite nice in its simplicity.

That was the baby’s room.  Pretty easy.  Now that “baby” is sharing a room with his brother and I’m sitting here like a fool in a sorta comfortable video rocker blogging and watching him sleep.  Well on to the next craft, which is hopefully a height chart.


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  1. Kathyann
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 12:02:52

    But a little girl would give you so much inspiration for sweet girlie craft ideas.



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