Cafe Au Leia “Would it help if I got out and crafted?”

I am a college grad, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a worker bee, and you guessed it a craftin’ fool!

I come by crafting and creativity honestly — my mom and my grandmother were extremely creative seamstresses and crafters, and my stepmom can quilt me under the table.   Crafting, whether the project turns out right or completely wrong, is my escape and release when the demands of a job and parenting become too much.

I try to craft using: what I have on hand, reusable objects (i.e. digging through the recycle bin like a madwoman, or staring at a milk carton with that glazed faraway look in my eye — ” . . . I can make something with this . . .”), or inexpensive items that can be used a variety of ways.  I do this to rein myself in because I could easily go overboard buying supplies — I have boundless imagination but I don’t have a boundless bank account to go with it.  Yes, yes I’m a cheapskate — ask anyone, I ain’t ashamed.  As it is I still find myself having to to explain to my husband why I need to go to the craft store for yet another tube of acrylic paint because I need celery green, not sea foam green.  That’s when he gives me the resigned look of love that means, “I am married to a craftin’ fool.”




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